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Difference Between Transfer Taped & Non Transfer Taped Self Storage Numbers

We offer our decals in two versions.  Non transfer taped which are less expensive, and transfer taped which are more expensive.

Non transfer taped decals are simple letters and numbers on a sheet.  They are not held together and are applied by peeling and sticking either wet or dry.  Care needs to be taken when peeling off the letters.  I prefer the wet application when using non transfer tape decals since it adds forgiveness to the application and makes it easy.  You can slide the characters around until they are perfect, and then squeegee the liquid from underneath.

Transfer taped decals are held together by a paper transfer tape that is laid over the characters.  This allows the installer to apply multiple letter or numbers at the same time.  The letters are peeled off the release liner together, the decal is applied and squeegeed, and then the transfer tape is removed.  Transfer taped mini warehouse decals are great for whole words or unit numbers with multiple characters.  It keeps everything lined up and spaced perfectly.

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ABOVE – Transfer Taped Decals

BELOW – Non Transfer Taped Decals

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