Reflective Tape for Barrier Gate Control Arms (RGA) – Self Storage

1″ x 10′ RGA Tape – $14.99
1″ x 20′ RGA Tape – $24.99
2″ x 10′ RGA Tape – $24.99
2″ x 20′ RGA Tape – $34.99
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Our Rail Gate Arm tape by Oralite is MUTCD approved for use on all Barrier Control Gate Arms.  For mini storage gate arms we carry 2 inch wide RGA tape in 10 and 20 foot rolls.  This is a type 5, very bright reflective tape that can be seen from over a thousand feet away.  The same tape used at rail road crossings.  To install, simply peel away the backing and apply to a clean, smooth, flat surface.

reflective gate arm tape self storage