self mini storage door numbers

Letter Size Visibility Distance Chart

One question we get a lot is, how big should my self storage numbers or letters be?  The answer depends on how far away the viewer will be, and how much room you have to work with.  The information below will help.

The larger a character such as a letter or number are, the further away they can be seen.  We offer characters from 2 inches tall, to 12 inches.  The chart below will assist you in determining the sizes you need based on the distance the viewer will most likely be.  Self storage door numbers generally need to be seen from about 50 – 100 feet away.  Keep in mind that with letters and numbers, you can go too small, but you can’t really go to large.  As long as there is room on the door or building for the number.  If you need letters smaller than 2″ or larger than 12″, just contact us at and we can price the letters for you. Or use our quote request form on the left of this page.

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