Job Example #2 – Sheets of Transfer Taped Storage Unit Numbers

This is a job we did for a mini warehouse facility that needed sheets of transfer taped numbers 1 – 30.  All the numbers are 4″ tall in White.  White numbers are perfect for doors and door posts that are a little darker and can provide sufficient contrast. For lighter colored backgrounds a dark blue or black are more appropriate.  This order was placed using our online Transfer Taped Numbers SHOP page.

The image below shows how simple it is to order sheets of numbers for your self storage facility.  Just choose the size, color and number set you need.

vinyl mini warehouse door numbers

The image below shows the numbers cut, transfer taped, and then cut into individual unit numbers for the customer.  In this form, they are very easy to apply.  Simple peel, stick, and squeegee.  A self storage unit can easily be numbered in less than a minute.  The image shows just the first set that was purchased.  We also cut, taped, and separated numbers 11 – 30 for this customer.

mini storage vinyl unit numbers