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Welcome to our Self Storage Vinyl Numbers & Letters Site, a Division of   Our company cuts Door Numbers and Letters for Self Storage Facilities using only quality Oracal 651 Vinyl. Ordering from us is simple, and shipping is quick.  Just let us know what you need, and we will take care of the rest. Have a quick question, contact us and we will get right back to you!

If you just need sheets of numbers, you can purchase pre-priced, precut sheets of 2″ thru 6″ consecutive numbers using the links to the left. They are available in either a transfer taped, or non transfer taped version in an easy to read IMPACT font.

 To purchase “custom” letters and numbers from us, simply submit a Request for Quote . We do lettering for buildings, offices, glass doors, and more. Simply describe what you need, and we will respond quickly with pricing and a pay link.   You can also email Brittany Cole at .  

At iCutDecals, we carry TRANSFER TAPED and NON TRANSFER TAPED peel and stick vinyl letters and numbers for self storage facilities in the letters A to Z and numbers 0 and up. Transfer taped numbers are held together during installation by a premask that is then peeled away.  Non transfer taped numbers are simply decals on a sheet that you peel and stick. For information on the difference between transfer taped and non transfer taped decals, click here.

We offer 5 colors – White, Matte Black, Black, Dark Blue, and Red. For Custom Jobs, we cut letters in two fonts, Arial Bold, and Impact. Both are block style fonts that are easy to read and professional looking.  Our letters are about half as wide as they are tall.  In other words, a 6 inch tall letter is about 3 inches wide. Our article to the left on letter size visibility will explain how far away each size character can be seen.

We keep our prices low so you can get the correct size, color and quantity of letters you need, without having to spend too much.  Also, shipping is kept low so you can buy as many or as few as you need and make multiple purchases if necessary to spread the cost out over time.

We use these letters and numbers on our own self storage buildings. We CAD cut all of our decals from quality Oracal 651 material, the best in the industry. This self adhesive vinyl can be applied using either the “dry” or “wet” method.  See our articles to the left on how to apply letters.   For our self storage facilities, we use 6 inch tall numbers for our door frames, 4 inch tall letters for our office building, and 12 inch tall letters for the ends of our buildings.