Reflective Tape for Automatic Gates and Fences – Self Storage

Standard Engineer Grade Tape for Gates and Fences (9 Colors)
Flexible Engineer Grade 1″ x 15′ – $19.99
Flexible Engineer Grade 1″ x 30′ – $29.99
Flexible Engineer Grade 2″ x 15′ – $19.99
Flexible Engineer Grade 2″ x 30′ – $34.99
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Brightest Premium Black Reflective Tape (Oralite 5650 Rapid Air)
Black 5650 Rapid Air 1″ x 10′ – $19.99
Black 5650 Rapid Air 1″ x 25′ – $29.99
Black 5650 Rapid Air 2″ x 10′ – $24.99
Black 5650 Rapid Air 2″ x 25′ – $39.99
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Marking expensive automatic gates at self storage facilities is important.  Gates are far too expensive, and much too important to be left unmarked and invisible at night.  To solve this problem, we carry a flexible engineer grade reflective tape in 1 inch and 2 inch widths for outlining automatic gates. We have both 15 foot and 30 foot rolls.  Colors available are White, Black (reflects a bright golden color), Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Gold and Fluorescent Lime. Black (reflects a golden color) is a very popular color in that is it not visible on a black gate in the daytime, but provides good reflectivity at night when car lights hit it.  To install our reflective tape, simply peel and stick to a clean surface.  Our flexible engineer grade will conform to odd shapes, especially when a little heat is applied or in warmer weather.

On this page, we also carry our premium Oralite 5650 Rapid Air Black reflective.  It reflects a bright white color and is twice as bright as our standard flexible engineer grade black.  (see drop down product menu above)

Flexible engineer grade films can also be used on bollards, building corners and any place where increased visibility is desired.

self storage reflective gate tape

engineer grade reflective tape for gates