Reflective Raised Road (Pavement) Markers – Self Storage

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For Self Storage parking lots and aisles, we carry reflective raised pavement markers by Stimsonite. We carry the yellow/red version because they can be positioned to where either the red reflective or yellow reflective side faces oncoming cars.  This allows for more flexibility in applications. These markers can be used to protect building corners, to create arrows, make rumble bars, or to create lines in front of gates and gate arms so that cars know where to stop. To install our raised pavement markers on cement or asphalt, we recommend using two part epoxy adhesive either in bulk, or in the small syringes. (Home Depot or Lowes)

Reflective Road Pavement Marker Yellow/Red self storage

Reflective Tape for Barrier Gate Control Arms (RGA) – Self Storage

1″ x 10′ RGA Tape – $14.99
1″ x 20′ RGA Tape – $24.99
2″ x 10′ RGA Tape – $24.99
2″ x 20′ RGA Tape – $34.99
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Our Rail Gate Arm tape by Oralite is MUTCD approved for use on all Barrier Control Gate Arms.  For mini storage gate arms we carry 2 inch wide RGA tape in 10 and 20 foot rolls.  This is a type 5, very bright reflective tape that can be seen from over a thousand feet away.  The same tape used at rail road crossings.  To install, simply peel away the backing and apply to a clean, smooth, flat surface.

reflective gate arm tape self storage


Reflective Tape for Automatic Gates and Fences – Self Storage

Standard Engineer Grade Tape for Gates and Fences (9 Colors)
Flexible Engineer Grade 1″ x 15′ – $19.99
Flexible Engineer Grade 1″ x 30′ – $29.99
Flexible Engineer Grade 2″ x 15′ – $19.99
Flexible Engineer Grade 2″ x 30′ – $34.99
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Brightest Premium Black Reflective Tape (Oralite 5650 Rapid Air)
Black 5650 Rapid Air 1″ x 10′ – $19.99
Black 5650 Rapid Air 1″ x 25′ – $29.99
Black 5650 Rapid Air 2″ x 10′ – $24.99
Black 5650 Rapid Air 2″ x 25′ – $39.99
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Marking expensive automatic gates at self storage facilities is important.  Gates are far too expensive, and much too important to be left unmarked and invisible at night.  To solve this problem, we carry a flexible engineer grade reflective tape in 1 inch and 2 inch widths for outlining automatic gates. We have both 15 foot and 30 foot rolls.  Colors available are White, Black (reflects a bright golden color), Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Gold and Fluorescent Lime. Black (reflects a golden color) is a very popular color in that is it not visible on a black gate in the daytime, but provides good reflectivity at night when car lights hit it.  To install our reflective tape, simply peel and stick to a clean surface.  Our flexible engineer grade will conform to odd shapes, especially when a little heat is applied or in warmer weather.

On this page, we also carry our premium Oralite 5650 Rapid Air Black reflective.  It reflects a bright white color and is twice as bright as our standard flexible engineer grade black.  (see drop down product menu above)

Flexible engineer grade films can also be used on bollards, building corners and any place where increased visibility is desired.

self storage reflective gate tape

engineer grade reflective tape for gates

Mini Storage Door Numbers – Vertical versus Horizontal Layout

We carry self storage door numbers in two layouts, horizontal (side by side) or vertical (up and down).  The picture below shows the difference.  A horizontal layout is the most common for mini warehouse doors and buildings, however, for door posts or door frames, a vertical layout is needed.  We carry both styles in all sizes of numbers and letters.  Horizontal letters are available in both non transfer taped and transfer taped sheets.  Vertical letters are available in transfer taped pre-spaced letters only.  Transfer taped letters are pre-spaced and pre-masked to hold them together during installation.  Simply apply, and peel off the transfer tape layer.

mini warehouse door numbers

mini storage door building numbers

Pricing – Self Storage Door and Building Numbers and Letters

Our Oracal 651 Vinyl Numbers and Letters are priced affordably.  We offer both transfer taped and non transfer taped characters.  Prices are below.

Non Transfer Taped (Vinyl Characters on a Sheet) – Peel and Stick – Wet Method Compatible – Sheets of 10 Consecutive Numbers

  • 2″ Non Transfer Taped (Numbers 1-10) – $3
  • 2″ Non Transfer Taped (Numbers 11-20, 21-30, etc) – $6
  • 2″ Transfer Taped (Numbers 1-10) – $6
  • 2″ Transfer Taped (Numbers 11-20, 21-30, etc) – $12
  • 3″ Non Transfer Taped (Numbers 1-10) – $4
  • 3″ Non Transfer Taped (Numbers 11-20, 21-30, etc) – $8
  • 3″ Transfer Taped (Numbers 1-10) – $8
  • 3″ Transfer Taped (Numbers 11-20, 21-30, etc) – $16
  • 4″ Non Transfer Taped (Numbers 1-10) – $6
  • 4″ Non Transfer Taped (Numbers 11-20, 21-30, etc) – $12
  • 4″ Transfer Taped (Numbers 1-10) – $12
  • 4″ Transfer Taped (Numbers 11-20, 21-30, etc) – $24
  • 6″ Non Transfer Taped (Numbers 1-10) – $8
  • 6″ Non Transfer Taped (Numbers 11-20, 21-30, etc) – $16
  • 6″ Transfer Taped (Numbers 1-10) – $16
  • 6″ Transfer Taped (Numbers 11-20, 21-30, etc) – $32

(We can do any size letter or number you need in peel and stick sheets. Contact us for pricing)

self mini storage letters numbers

Applying “Transfer Taped” Letters and Numbers

self storage vinyl numbers lettersTransfer taped self storage numbers and letters cost a little more due the extra labor and materials needed to produce them.  However, there are advantages to applying transfer taped decals.  First, the application is quick with no dry time.  Second, the characters are held to together by an application tape so you get perfect spacing.

To apply transfer taped graphics, place the taped letters on your surface and hinge one side with masking tape.  Then peel the backing off the letters until the adhesive side is exposed.  Finally, squeegee the letters onto the surface.  Once the letters are pressed on firmly, peel the transfer tape off of the letters and you’re done.

install self mini storage door numbers

Self Storage Door Numbers Only (Not Transfer Taped)

2″ Tall Non Transfer Taped Numbers

3″ Tall Non Transfer Taped Numbers

4″ Tall Non Transfer Taped Numbers

6″ Tall Non Transfer Taped Numbers

On this page we carry our 2″ – 6″ peel and stick vinyl numbers for self storage facilities in the popular IMPACT font.  We carry number sets from 1-10 all the way to 91-100.  The numbers on this product page are NOT transfer taped and consist of peel and stick numbers on a sheet.  This makes them less expensive. They can be applied one at a time using the Wet Application Method.  Click here for an article showing the difference between our transfer taped numbers and our numbers only option. (see pictures at bottom of this page)

Each sheet of numbers you purchase contains 10 numbers. We have 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 all the way to 91-100.  Five colors are available – White, Black, Matte Black, Red, and Dark Blue. We use a bold, easy to read, professional font called “Impact”.  We use only quality Oracal 651 vinyl for our numbers, the best in the industry.

Note – This page is for numbers. To purchase “Letters or Number/Letter Combinations” for Your Buildings and Doors use our Request for Quote Form.

Use the drop down menus above to order.  You will receive an email confirmation when the order processes, and your order will be shipped in just a day or so depending on the order size.

mini warehouse door numbers

self storage vinyl letters